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We work closely with you to help you in the full or partial execution of the machine learning process cycle.

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AI & machine learning consulting

Our data scientists and machine learning engineers analyze each individual use case and create highly-customized solutions, aligned with unique business strategies and goals. We oversee machine learning projects in their entirety, from strategic consulting to development and deployment of AI software.
Understand images and videos
Data science
consulting & research
Our data science services include digging into unstructured datasets and turning these into actionable information.
Forecasting models
Machine learning
Experienced research engineers build, implement, and deploy ML models and algorithms that make products smarter.
Full stack and IoT development
Production ready
We build infrastructure pipelines to process and analyze data at scale.

Machine learning solutions we have delivered

These are examples of machine learning solutions we've built for innovative companies that sought to increase revenue and/or save costs.
Object detection and event tracking Object detection and event tracking
Understand customer behavior in brick and mortar stores
We created computer vision tools capable of identifying objects and people in videos, to track them and gain valuable insights into what customers like and how they behave in stores.
Automation of item categorization for
e-commerce site
Using a combination of NLP and other techniques we built a system that was able to identify new item categories and automatically move millions of misclassified items to the correct category in a very large tree.
Price automation based on product pictures and metadata
As part of the optimization of a retailer’s warehouse processes, we built a system capable of automatically determining prices for second-hand products based on historical data, features and photos.
Predict health of oil well pumps using data from sensors
Leveraging time series analyses of several dozens metrics collected from sensors in submersible pumps, we implemented a tool capable of assessing the health of the machinery and notifying operators of warning signs.
Natural Language Processing

Innovation Lab

Tryolabs Innovation Lab is designed to experiment with companies' datasets and dig into state-of-the-art models to craft highly-specialized applications. We use all kinds of new technologies to help identify data’s potential and rapidly prototype products, customized to individual business objectives.

How we work

Our team works hand-in-hand with the client's team, following an agile development approach, to:
Analyze your objectives
1. Analyze objectives
Analyze available data
2. Analyze available data
Define a work-plan with your team
3. Define a work-plan
with client's team
Model prototyping and Implementation
4. Perform model prototyping
and implementation
Analyze results and iterate
5. Analyze results and
perform other iterations (starting again at step 3)

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