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At the edge of maintenance:
AI for manufacturing

Leverage the power of Machine Learning techniques to orchestrate up to thousands of real-time data points, anticipate failures, and take action before it's too late.

Come and explore with us the impact of predictive maintenance on manufacturing.

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Our solution

Data gathering

We help you to acquire and centralize information from different data sources. Equipment metadata can be stored in a data-hub for easy access and interpretation: error history, sensors' operating data, video information, and more.

Predictive modeling

We build Machine Learning powered models that use historical performance and incorporate real-time data to flag anomalies and predict remaining useful life (RUL) in equipment.

Visualization and alerts

The solution is then integrated into existing monitoring tools with easy to interpret alerts for the operators to take action fast, preventing larger equipment failures.

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How we helped our clients

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Predictive maintenance for oil well pumps


Applying Predictive Maintenance with Machine Learning approach, we developed a solution to detect potentially hazardous scenarios for an oil well company.

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Weather-related outages prediction


Medium Earth Orbit satellite monitoring solution for the gateways and their customers' terminals by predicting weather-related outages in minutes.

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Predictive maintenance using Machine Learning

Predictive maintenance using Machine Learning

Explore different strategies on how to do machinery maintenance, with a specific focus on predictive maintenance. Find out how machine learning algorithms play to improve on these solutions by reducing downtime and even maintenance costs. Get different use cases of predictive maintenance with machine learning.

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Want to improve your
manufacturing process?

Any maintenance or automation challenge?
Tell us about them. We’d love to explore your options.

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