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Our partners

We cultivate a dynamic AI & Machine Learning landscape, built on diverse partnerships. From cloud infrastructures and open-source AI frameworks to cutting-edge hardware and data platforms, our collaborative network is vast and vibrant.

Google Cloud

Our alliances


We collaborate on projects where our skills complement each other, ensuring the most comprehensive solutions for our clients.


As Databricks partners we are part of a global ecosystem of Data and AI technology helping transform our joint customers into data driven enterprises.

Edge AI & Vision Allianceout

The Alliance unites tech creators and product companies, fostering edge AI and vision acceleration in products and systems.


We develop easy-to-deploy solutions using the widely-adopted Elastic Stack, a free and open technology, complemented by wraparound services.


We are part of Google Cloud Partner Advantage, which enables us with complementary solutions to deliver the power of Google Cloud.


As part of the NVIDIA AI Consulting Partner Network, we empower NVIDIA's customers to leverage AI in solving complex business challenges and developing transformative strategies for their businesses.


To showcase the potential of Mediatek's EBK for Video Analytics, we collaborate in constructing various demonstrations, including a notable Posture Classifier.


We thrive within a comprehensive network of diverse partnerships, expanding our AI & Machine Learning ecosystem.


A hardware innovation platform that works closely with technology providers of all scales providing quality and affordable hardware.

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