At the edge of maintenance

AI for manufacturing maintenance

Cut operational costs, get more out of critical assets, and reduce downtime while increasing productivity.

Failure prevention

Our predictive maintenance solution understands the manufacturing industry and helps you make the most of failure prevention to ensure optimal performance. Orchestrate up to thousands of real-time data points, anticipate failures and take action before it's too late.
Predictive Maintenance

Data gathering

We help you to acquire and centralize information from different data sources. Equipment metadata can be stored in a data-hub for easy access and interpretation: error history, sensors' operating data, video information, and more.
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive modeling

We build Machine Learning powered models that use historical performance and incorporate real-time data to flag anomalies and predict remaining useful life (RUL) in equipment.
Predictive Maintenance

Visualization & alerts

The solution is then integrated into existing monitoring tools with easy-to-interpret alerts for operators to take action fast. You'll no longer have to sit around waiting for your system or equipment to fail when you can take preventive measures and visualise when potential issues may arise.
Predictive Maintenance

Let's hit key performance indicators together with AI

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