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Our experts can deliver tailored solutions based on data structures integrated with the pre-existing workflows. As innovation partners we will find the precise roadmap to achieve a real competitive advantage.


Computer Vision

We use deep learning and other state-of-the-art techniques to gain valuable insights from images and videos.

Object detection and tracking
Object detection and tracking
Image similarity searching
Image similarity searching
Person pose and gaze estimation
Person pose and gaze estimation
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Client testimonials

We are proud to have counted their team of talented engineers as one of our partners. Tryolabs stepped in during a time of rapid growth at LevelUp and helped us simplify digital ordering for restaurant brands, by building a system that was reliable at scale.
Seth Priebatsch
Seth Priebatsch
Chief Revenue Officer at Grubhub
With a strong attitude towards customer satisfaction, Tryolabs was committed to working closely with us in providing valuable insights and advice to bridge the gap between business, process and technology, so as to achieve our goal.
Vanissa Ng
Vanissa Ng
Head Of Risk Management Asia Pacific at Allianz Global Investors
Tryolabs' team showed the very example of professionalism.

Researchers at Tryolabs worked with UNICEF to develop innovative ways to address AI issues in mapping schools. Throughout the process, they enjoyed addressing such difficult topics and always came up with innovative ideas to progress in the project.

I am very happy to have worked with the team and wish to have more chances to collaborate with them in AI matters.
Do-Hyung Kim
Do-Hyung Kim
Research Scientist at Office of Innovation, UNICEF

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