Machine Learning
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Tryolabs is an agile consulting shop that helps companies build solutions powered by data to improve their KPIs.


Strategic analysis + Implementation

You will work with a team of engineers that understands your goals and pain points and will deploy production-ready systems that enhance your business. We use your data to craft tailored solutions, fully integrated with your current workflows.

This is what we can do for you

Using our Machine Learning & Deep Learning skills, we are able to solve complex problems by leveraging multiple types of data. We complement this with custom Backend, Frontend and IoT development for a full-fledged solution.
Understand images and videos
Images & Videos
Understand text
Forecasting models
Full stack and IoT development
Full-stack & IoT
Use Cases
Increase revenue
Increase Revenue
  • Customer profiling & personalization
  • Pricing optimization
  • Upselling & churn reduction
Reduce costs
Reduce Costs
  • Data entry optimization
  • Process optimization & automation
  • Risk scoring

We helped Meltwater build LikeAlyzer:

a social media product that analyzes millions of data points per day
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Full stack

You have data, let's get results

There are plenty of solutions we can build for you: predictive models that power new product features, web apps that target new revenue streams, and internal tools that automate inefficient processes. The common denominator is that all these help to either increase revenues or reduce operational costs.

And of course, all the IP generated will be owned by your company.

Internet of Things

From academic research to business results

With an active R&D division focused on open-source and academic research, our team remains up to speed with the latest trends in the fields of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision & NLP.

The ability to turn research into added business value is what makes us unique.

Onboard agile teams without the hassle

Speed is critical and things change fast, we know that. That’s why we offer plug & play solutions based on your needs.
Usually we kick things off with a small, specialized team to focus on an individual problem and then scale according to your demands.
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CTO & Partner

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