Video Analytics

Turn videos into actionable insights

We have a track record solving problems in perception and video analytics for several industries.

Our video analytics solutions

Whether you want to detect an object and its position, understand your store flow, or optimize a self-driving car trajectory, we've got your back.

Norfair: multi-object tracking library

Released open-source on GitHub, you can use Norfair to solve a wide variety of video analytics cases such as tracking and counting with a few lines of code.

A wide range of industry applications

From transportation, counting objects, recognizing actions, and discovering navigation patterns to turn into insights that improve a business, there are an infinite number of video analytics opportunities.

Average wait times
Average wait times
Parking predictability
Parking predictability
Security insights
Security insights
Shopping behavior tracking
Shopping behavior tracking
Construction safety
Construction safety

Vision on the edge

Deploy performing computer vision solutions in edge devices with low power consumption.

Maxim Integrated


Together with BDTI , NVIDIA and Jabil, we created a product capable of running a real-time deep learning face mask detection model on an embedded device: real-time AI on the edge.

Helmet detection

Monitoring helmet usage in different scenarios leads to useful insights to take preventive actions, saving time and resources.

Behavioral tracking
human flow counting

Estimate customer conversion rates and improve behavior understanding at physical stores.
Human flow tracking can improve the effectiveness of stores when converting customers and provides insights about the distribution of people entering the stores during the day.

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