Demand forecasting

Reduce market uncertainty with AI-based demand forecasting

Cut down inventory costs, maximize sell price for current inventory or get predictive insights about your processes.

Better buying and selling decisions

Set a smart buying and selling strategy based on market conditions, minimizing long-term risk and boosting ROI.Garner the power of AI-generated insights based on historical and contextual data.
Demand Forecasting

Reduce inventory costs

Keep inventory costs in check using a dynamically optimized safety stock.Our AI-based solution considers macroeconomic variables, competitor strategies, and business constraints, among others, to determine ideal stock levels.Get an optimal inventory strategy for every product, at every moment.
Demand Forecasting

Maximize profit on available stock

Get the most value out of your stock by optimizing sell price based on product availability.Our deep learning system takes into account future stock constraints and maximizes sell price for limited stocks.
Demand Forecasting

Build a more resilient supply chain

Take the data-driven approach to get consistently better market insights. Improve communication with business partners and reduce uncertainty and unwanted bullwhip effects along the supply chain.
Demand Forecasting
Case study

Occupancy prediction in smart parking lots

Tryolabs developed a demand forecasting solution for SNCFL able to predict the occupancy rate of two of their parking lots adjacent to the train stations.

Now, our client can forecast the demand of the parking occupancy up to 1 day in advance.

Our team was able to have a prototype running in production after only one week.


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