Product matching

Automate product matching for your e‑commerce

Upgrade your workflow to a state of the art solution that scales — powered by AI.

Save countless hours of labor

Tryolabs' product matching AI can consistently identify the best matching product in a catalog for a given query product.
It will liberate your team from the tedious spreadsheet work. This flexible solution adapts to your use case and provides the right insights.
Take smart internal product definitions or apply intelligent benchmarking of your assortment.
Product Matching

Leverage all product information — including images

Sometimes, an image is worth more than a thousand words. Apart from utilizing product title, description and available tabular data, Tryolabs's AI can leverage product images if they are available.
It learns where to look in the images depending on the available product information, resulting in high quality matching that gets better with time.
Product Matching

No need for attribute extraction

Extracting structured product features can be a challenging process that is also prone to errors. It worsens if multiple categories are needed.
Our AI solution can match products without any attributes specified or refined. Consequently, it can seamlessly scale to several categories, even if the products they contain are very different.
The matching also performs in multiple languages!
Product Matching

No exact match? No problem

Even if the AI model cannot detect an exact match for a given query product, it will output the list of closest products sorted by a similarity score.
Whether similar because of the title, the description, or the images, the algorithm will catch it. Did it make a mistake? Just give it the correct answer, and the model will learn from it.
Product Matching
Case study

Identifying assortment gaps for a retailer

One of the largest retailers in Mexico wanted to compare its product assortment with its main competitors.

Assortment gap analysis aims to discover opportunities for introducing new products or variants that can help the retailer boost its sales and margins.

Tryolabs' AI for product matching allowed to efficiently perform the matching of tens of thousands SKUs across multiple categories.

Case study

How AI-based product matching performs?