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Automation of manufacturing processes

27% operator throughput increase, saving 10 seconds per foot scan processed, while 2/3 times our system matched or surpassed technicians' results.

Roanoke, Virginia

Process automation improvement

Foot Levelers is the world-leading provider of individually designed functional orthotics. They have improved millions of patients' functionality and quality of life. We engaged with them in their search for improving the process of building custom orthotics.

27% increased


Industry 4.0 players are always in the search of improving their operation's efficiencies. Foot Levelers wanted to explore manual process automation by incorporating Machine Learning solutions and speeding up the manufacturing process.



We helped Foot Levelers to automate their manufacturing processes by applying Machine Learning and Computer Vision solutions. Measurements and placement algorithms allowed us to enhance the custom orthotics design.


Discover our approach

The system is based on multiple keypoint detection algorithms that are able to automatically locate the relevant spots within over thousands of foot scans processed every day.


Foot measurement automation

We developed a system to automatically detect 4 key points from a foot scan: top ("highest" toe), bottom (heel), left and right (with respect to metatarsal heads). These key points can then be used to measure the length and width of the foot, information necessary to select the insole's size.

Tryolabs made implementing AI so simple.

Our updated software has become so much faster and easier to use. Our operators have increased throughput by 27% so far.
Chad Warren
Chad Warren
Director of Engineering, Foot Levelers Inc.

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