dataset scoring for price optimization

AI Pricing Readiness Score

Evaluate and enhance the quality of your pricing
data. Improve your pricing strategy with AI.

why AI Pricing Readiness Score?

Preparing your data is a pivotal step toward unlocking competitive pricing strategies.

All You Need to Know

Why price optimization?

Say goodbye to leaving money on the table. Transitioning from manual to automated pricing can unlock up to 20% in additional profit margins.

  • Ensure your data is prepared and actionable.
  • Leverage advanced analytics for strategic pricing.
  • Watch your profitability soar.
Start with a data readiness assessment.

All You Need to Know

How the readiness score works?

We've developed four key scores to assess dataset readiness for pricing optimization:

  • NaN Score
  • Price Variability Score
  • Outlier Score
Higher scores indicate a dataset is well-prepared, featuring completeness, beneficial variability, minimal outliers, and predictable demand. These are essential qualities for solving pricing problems.

All You Need to Know

Why us?

Our pricing expertise spans diverse industries, including Fortune 500 companies.

Pricing optimization can revolutionize your business, but most companies lack the necessary quality data.

Don't wait until its too late!

Why price optimization
How the readiness score works
Why us

3 steps to unlock the full potential of your pricing strategy

Upload your data

Ensure your file includes SKU, sale date timestamp, number of units sold, and selling price data.

Our team will analyze it

We will score your data across four critical dimensions.

Receive your score report

We will provide a report to help you start developing your pricing strategy.

Begin the journey towards data-driven pricing

Get your data quality report

Follow these simple steps to submit your dataset and receive your personalized AI Pricing Readiness Score

Get our template to format your dataset

We recommend to use the template to streamline the process.

If not used, check that your dataset includes:
  • SKU: The unique identifier for each product item.
  • Sale timestamp: The specific time and date when each sale occurred.
  • Units sold: The quantity of each SKU sold per transaction.
  • Selling price: The final price at which each SKU was sold.

Submit your dataset

Check that your data has the required variables and upload your file here. The maximum file size allowed is 10MB.

We're processing
your data!

Fill in your contact information so we can send your score upon completion of the analysis.

Contact details

Your privacy is paramount. All data submitted is securely processed and stored in compliance with data protection regulations. For additional details on our privacy practices, please visit our Privacy policy page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Read our list to find quick answers to common inquiries. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to our support team for personalized assistance.

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