We've launched DayWatch: the first Real-time Daily Deal Analytics and Decision Support tool.

Mon, Mar 26, 2012

Are you a Daily Deal company Manager or Operator? if so, we've designed DayWatch specifically for you.

DayWatch is the ultimate real-time business reporting and decision support tool for Daily Deal companies. Industry reports, analytics, insights, metrics, market penetration, market shares, business performance: every moment, at anytime. All integrated into a web portal.


We retrieve every piece of relevant information for Daily Deal market, obtaining precise data of your business and your competitors.

Minute by Minute:

We retrieve information in real-time. DayWatch shows a live-cast of the market. What is happening right now in your industry?


Using our Artificial Intelligence engine we organize and group data into significant market information. Yes, we categorize every deal automatically.


Huge amounts of data organized and displayed the easy way. Fast meaningful information and on-demand reports for Daily Deal executives.


DayWatch allows you to inspect your local competitors as well as regional information. Inspect markets near you, or decide the best pick for your international expansion.


Forget about asking for reports that can take weeks, forget about human mistakes. Accurate and sistematized Daily Deal business information on the run.


"WoOw uses DayWatch daily, which helped us a lot to maintain our market leader position in Uruguay. Our commercial team and agency base it's studies and reports in DayWatch data. We also find it very useful when planning and studying our competitors, not only in Uruguay but in other countries to explore tendencies and opportunities. It's speed and usability are excellent avoiding time lost when analyzing big data and lots of information. I firmly recommend DayWatch to study competitors and also for planning, reporting and defining strategies."

Leonardo Silveira General Manager - Director | woOw - Descuentos Urbanos

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