Launching MonkeyLearn private alpha at PyCon 2014 Montréal

Wed, Apr 9, 2014

Federico Pascual
Federico Pascual

We have some pretty exciting news!

We are proud sponsors of PyCon 2014 Montréal, the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language.

PyCon 2014

Pycon 2014 starts today with the Tutorials Days where we are going to learn something new and relevant in intensive 3-hour sessions. Afterwards, we will enjoy the Conference Days from Friday through Sunday, where we are going to see what's going on in the Python world, meet our fellow Pythonistas, share our knowledge and experience and more. PyCon 2014 Montréal ends with the Development Sprints from Monday April 14 through Thursday April 17, 2014. Besides being sponsors, on this edition we will be represented by our natural language processing wizard Raúl Garreta, CTO and Co-Founder of Tryolabs.

Yet, we have another BIG announcement!

We have been working really hard the last few months on a text mining toolkit _we are calling MonkeyLearn_.


Our main goal with MonkeyLearn is to make text mining simple. With MonkeyLearn you can easily create your own classifier with your custom categories and integrate it with your project within minutes.

These have been some crazy but amazingly fun months, with very long days, but we’re very proud of what we have created.

We are launching MonkeyLearn private alpha at PyCon 2014. Raúl will be there presenting MonkeyLearn and giving out some invites, so if you are in Montréal don't miss the chance and ask him for an invite.

You can also request your invite at https://www.monkeylearn.com/

Protip: don't wait too much to request your MonkeyLearn invite because we only have a limited amount of public invites.

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