Request your invite for MonkeyLearn, the next generation Text Mining Toolkit

Fri, Apr 25, 2014

Federico Pascual
Federico Pascual

Are you a developerworking with sentiment analysis, language detection or any kind of text classification? Looking for a text mining toolkit that will help you get better results, top accuracy and best speed performance? Are you a machine learning or natural language processing enthusiast?

If some of your answers to these questions were yes, you should check out MonkeyLearn, a new product we have been working really hard the last few months.


MonkeyLearn is the next generation text mining toolkit from Tryolabs and our main goal is to make text mining simple for developers.

With MonkeyLearn you can create and use text processing modules without any machine learning or natural language processing knowledge and integrate it with your project within minutes. One of the key things we are fully committed is to keep it simple: we want the platform to be really simple and easy to use. Developers can design, test & integrate with our patent pending graphical algorithm trainer or use industry specific text processing modules for their own market, from retail, to media, news, social media and more.

These have been some crazy but amazingly fun months, with very long days, but we’re very proud of what we have created. We are currently in private alpha and will be launching beta soon.

You can request your invite for MonkeyLearn at https://www.monkeylearn.com

We only have a limited amount of public invites so we suggest don't wait too much to request your invite!

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