Watch out world, here comes Tryolabs new site!

Tue, Dec 16, 2014

Big announcement today! We finally are going live with our new web site!

During the 5 years we have been working together, Tryolabs team has evolved in many aspects and so did it’s web site.

This new site is our third iteration. We loved the old one but, we felt it was time to go for something fresher and show a little bit better Tryolabs’ value proposition. New design is smooth and stylish (thanks to our friends from rno1!) and although it’s difficult to show everything we want to show you, I think we did a pretty good job summing up the important.

What has changed during the past few years? Well, a lot has changed and a lot has stay the same. In terms of technologies; new stuff came along. We still use Python for almost everything and love Django Framework, but now a days web sites are much more dynamic, so we added a new piece to the stack having JS technologies in the front end (Angular, Backbone, Knockout) complementing a complex backend accessed by a Rest API (usually developed by Django Rest Framework). This approach to projects allow us to focus on backends and have a more design oriented part of the team to take care of front-ends and interaction. Keeping up with the technologies is key in this business and we are doing it big time.

A huge change was starting our own mobile development area. We did some great iPhone and iPad native applications the past years, always powered by our Python data-intensive backends. The new site gives you an idea of what we can do for our client in terms mobile apps.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing is hotter than ever and it is still our main focus at Tryolabs. In this area, projects keep coming and great technologies help us out. Backends are now more complex and that’s the way we like it. We are adding great technologies to the backend stack, including Hadoop, Mahout, ElasticSearch and many more. We even launched our own product in the text mining area (MonkeyLearn).

We have had some very interesting success cases of recent clients, we are very proud of our accomplishments with them. Both in the scenarios where we do full product design and development from scratch, or when joining a great team in staff augmentation mode. The stories are there in the web site for you to take a look and even see a demo or two.

And last but not least, the team has evolved. Working together all this time has made us better in every aspect and sharing this journey with our clients makes us very happy. We have grown now to 21 people, 17 of them great engineers, eager to apply these new technologies. We still embrace agile methodologies, but experience has made our processes better, our communications more dynamic and our results much more extraordinary than ever.

So, we encorage you to take a look at the new web site and tell us what you think. We are really proud of what we have accomplished and hope to continue moving forward and creating the future!

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