Introducing Metamon for kickstarting Django development

Tue, Jan 20, 2015

Mauro de Carvalho
Mauro de Carvalho

Here at Tryolabs we have had our fair share of developing complex Django based web projects. Starting a new project is always exciting, however, setting up a development environment is not.

Complex projects need to be built on a neat base, so in order to isolate development environments for different projects, we use Vagrant so we can easily create and provision new virtual machines. These VMs, unfortunately have to be set up and configured. The same thing has to be done once the application is to be set up in a production environment. A good solution for this is to automate deploys via Ansible. This unfortunately takes time, although it pays off later.

Metamon has hitherto been an internal tool that provides a reusable set of Ansible Playbooks that help us quickly start new projects by skipping environment configuration and automation.

Whether we are doing simple web development, a more backend oriented API or products of our own, we learned that using small productive tools like Metamon help you get the project going really quickly are key in agile scenarios.

While this has been a small tool for internal use, we believe that it can be useful for other Django developers and are therefore releasing it as open source under the MIT license.

Head on to the Metamon Github repository, check it out, and tell us what you think! We hope you like Metamon and get your Django projects going with its help!

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