Our Elastic{ON} Experience

Thu, Mar 19, 2015

Tryolabs has had once again the privilege of sponsoring and attending one major tech related conferences. This time with our friends from Elastic! Said conference was called Elastic{ON} and was being held  from March 9 to 11th, at Pier 27 in San Francisco. Alan and I were there representing the Tryolabs team.

Elastic{ON} started with a super cool cocktail where we got to meet the creators of the tools in the ELK stack, as well as people using them. As sponsors we had our booth showing Tryolabs' development services and a few demos of things we have built for clients using ES, which was super fun.


With a big booth comes great responsibility, so unfortunately we were not able to attend as many talks as we wanted to. Nonetheless, we were able to see a few good ones and, most of all, show around what our company does to almost everyone!


We showed Javier's crime analysis demo as well as our world famous twitter customized news demo  and a new one that we were trying out, related to using machine learning in costumer support scenarios (check it out here).

As always we demoed our star product, MonkeyLearn, and people were blown away. It's clear that there is a necessity out there to apply machine learning for startups and MonkeyLearn is a great way to start and do it easily and quickly. Al lot of people came to the booth to talk about Machine Learning and understood the value of MonkeyLearn right away. Interestingly, it not only appealed to folks without prior experience in the field, but also to people who worked in NLP to earn their living such as data scientists from several companies.

The second day was very emotional. We attended the starting keynote where the Elastic rebranding was announced: new logo and new approach to the company. They explained what's new with the ELK stack and some great developments that are being worked on. They then revealed the Found acquisition and what great things this holds for the future.


We had a chance to record a video showing our experience using Elasticsearch for our clients, which was a great opportunity for Alan and me to watch ourselves on TV and feel like celebrities for a second. They had a green screen and they promised to put dinosaurs and explosions behind us (fingers crossed).


We got to know people doing great stuff with Elasticsearch and who were also interested in our services and products!

The ending keynote the second day was excellent, where folks from Elastic explained their approach to a fully distributed workforce, coordinating between people in different countries and what it means for their culture. It was a great full-day and it wrapped up in the Elastic{ON} party{ON} after party, which was pretty amazing.


The Elastic crew definitely knows how to party. From foosball to Pac-man and table tennis, we had a blast hanging out with the rest of the attendees, speakers and company employees.

Bottom line, Elastic{ON} was the best! We hope to be back next year and continue being a part of this superb community. Thanks so much to all the Elastic folks for making our stay so easy and enjoyable!

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