Tryolabs partners with Elastic

Mon, Jun 29, 2015

Today we are proudly announcing our partnership with Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, the ELK platform and an ever growing family of products!

We have been using Elasticsearch in a bunch of projects now and this new partnership will allows us to provide our customers with a bigger and better array of Elastic-related services. We are very invested in the Elastic community, organizing local Elasticsearch meetups, webinars and sponsoring conferences, so this is a great new step in that direction.

We are very excited about what this new partnership will hold. We know that Elasticsearch and its family of services work great with our machine learning  and NLP powered apps, so now we have even more tools to make intelligent internet apps more and more awesome.

If you want to talk about Elasticsearch, ELK, applications, possible projects using these technologies and the benefits of working with an official partner, please drop us a line at hello@tryolabs.com and we will be glad to contact you!

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