Elasticsearch Meetup: Elastic - Tryolabs

Thu, Aug 20, 2015

Martín Fagioli
Martín Fagioli

As a celebration of our brand new partnership with Elastic, yesterday took place an Elasticsearch Meetup sponsored by Elastic, at our offices, with 50+ assistants.

Apart from being a great excuse to meet with colleagues and get some snacks - grapefruit beers and chicken sandwiches weren't absent -  Agustín (Tryolabs), Javier (Tryolabs) and Gabriel (Elastic) presented deep Elasticsearch concepts such as sharding, aggregations and ELK stack.

We are very happy to keep contributing to the Big Data &DataScience local community and seek forward to develop projects with elasticsearch technologies, together with Elastic.

If you missed the Meetup, we share with you the presentations:


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