Open Doors #1: the kickoff of future events

Thu, Apr 21, 2016

Martín Fagioli
Martín Fagioli

Hey! It's me here again.

Last wednesday we hosted our first Open Doors at our Montevideo offices.

It was really great! We met very cool people and chatted about technology, coding & random stuff while delighting ourselves with cold beers and pizza!

This event set the kickoff of a series of Engineering Events we will be hosting from now on.  Stay tuned at our meetup group ;)

Back to yesterday, the agenda was very dynamic with 10-15 minutes talks from different perspectives.

Everything started with Martín (CEO) giving a brief introduction about the company and what these future events are meant to be. Later, Ernesto (COO) presented three interesting stories about Tryolabs showing how these represent the backbone of our company culture.

Ernesto narrating one of his Tryo-storiesErnesto narrating one of his Tryo-stories

Later on, it was the time for the technical talks. Diego (front-end specialist), described how he came up with the idea, developed and promoted his open source project fetch-it. Closing the presentations, Rodrigo (MonkeyLearn' data scientist) gave a brief speech about MonkeyLearn's vision and main technical challenges his team tackled when developing the product.

Rodrigo giving his speech on MonkeyLearnRodrigo giving his speech on MonkeyLearn

At last, it was time for the most awaited moment: hanging out with beers & pizza. At this space we were able to get to know each other, what we are working on and how we are tackling similar problems.

All in all, it was very interesting to finally start hosting these events and to have a good community response. Of course there is still room for improvement and we are already on it.

Thanks for coming and see you in future events :)

PS: If you're in Montevideo and would like to propose a topic for future events, please do in the comments below or dropping a line to hello@tryolabs.com.

The whole gang at our first Open DoorsThe whole gang at our first Open Doors.

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