Tryolabs Scholarship for Uruguayan Computer Science students

Tue, Jun 6, 2017


At Tryolabs we firmly believe that every student who has the passion, determination and commitment to develop a Computer Science career, should have the opportunity to do so, independently of his/her economical condition.

In Uruguay we are very proud of our public and free University educational system, which forms top quality engineers and professionals in different fields. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of Tryolabs' engineers come from the public University (Facultad de Ingeniería, Udelar).

This educational ecosystem is supported by the Uruguayan State and is derived from decades of government's public policies and investments, ultimately made by Uruguayan citizens.

Even though our first-class public University education is completely free, students at the beginning of their career should have the economical means to have a decent living, pay for transportation and different study materials. This is why we have created the Tryolabs Scholarship, together with Fundación Julio Ricaldoni and Udelar, aimed to support University students in early stages of their careers, where most of the higher degree educational system desertion occurs.

Since we have a vibrant IT and entrepreneurial ecosystem, we believe that after the first two years in the career, students have a very interesting market insertion perspective; in fact, we have almost 0% unemployment in the IT industry.

What we are looking for in our Scholarship candidates:

  • Computer Science passionate individuals who started their University studies over the last 2 years.
  • Academic and personal excellence. By this we mean we are looking for individuals with outstanding grades, extra curricular science related activities or challenges that show brilliance in the field.
  • Kind and warm individuals with great personal values who also happen to have economic difficulties/barriers that interfere with their studies.

What we offer:

  • A non-refundable support of $60,000 (Uruguayan Pesos sixty thousand) to be distributed along 12 monthly payments.
  • A laptop computer.
  • The possibility to have access to Tryolabs' internal events and educational courses.

We believe that as an industry, we are at the very beginning of a giant revolution driven by Computer Science derived disciplines -- such as Artificial Intelligence -- and powered by the convergence of multiple digital technologies. We also believe that the Uruguayan entrepreneurial ecosystem and IT Industry can definitely have a saying on this revolution and that we are ready to surf the wave. To accomplish this we rely on our biggest value as an industry: our talented people and public educational system.

With this humble yet important contribution we are trying to help talented Computer Science students achieve their full potential, disregarding their particular economical situation. We would also like to encourage other companies in the country to join the cause and contribute to helping students in the pursue of their careers, which is ultimately giving opportunity to our people and ecosystem.

To apply for the scholarship, please visit this link.

Update (8/17/2017): The beneficiary of Tryolabs Scholarship has been announced, read more about it here.


Eng. Martín Alcalá Rubí. CEO - Tryolabs.

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