No Sleep till Brooklyn: Our master plan to conquer the East Coast

Thu, Jul 27, 2017

NYC SkylineA pic from one of our visits to Governour Island.

We've always been fans of the Silicon Valley and the amazing startup culture in California. We've been traveling from our engineering HQs in Montevideo to the Bay Area many many times and it has always been very fun and inspiring. Some of us had also the opportunity of visiting East Coast clients in Washington, Boston and NY, and it's also a blast! We always appreciate a chance to travel, meet people and know new cities.

Montevideo is great, don't get me wrong, but a change of air and perspective is always nice, plus it doesn't hurt to change the Southern hemisphere winter for a nice touch of summer.

What we are planning now is a new awesome idea to have most of the team experiencing the greatest city in the world while working from a mega-cool office in Brooklyn. This big visit will put our team physically closer to our clients, to potential markets to explore and most importantly, closer to the good NY-style pizza we all crave.

We've rented a whole house for the Tryo-team, so by the end of August and early September, NY is going to get invaded by a team of Uruguayans ready to code, have fun and drink coffee. For the ones on our team that doesn't know the city, it's an opportunity to explore and get to know NY. For the ones more experienced with the East Coast, this will be a chance to enjoy an office and a daily routine in Brooklyn, in the company of their teammates and have fun in after office events and talks in the heart of Manhattan.

Heads up! From laundry arrangements to wake-up hours, we're expecting to see many conflicts proper of a co-living situation. This is the first time our team is going to spend 24 hours together for many days, so stakes are high! Will German pick up after his traditionally messy lunches? Will Jennifer keep the singing to a minimum? Is there any chance we can get Agustin to stop playing video games at 3 am?

We're all making great efforts to keep it fun, being respectful to each other and work as a team. We want to be sure this experience allows us to keep our team very productive (since we will be working on the usual stuff) while taking advantage of and enjoying the new situation in terms of location and reach to our clients.

Team in NYCPart of our team in their previous visit to NY. Working on topping this for the next one! Picture by Felipe Osimani.

Excitement is already building amongst the team. There are plans for seeing live music (from Lady Gaga to Roger Waters), a match from the US Open, and of course exploring and #tourInstagramming(TM) all Manhattan best sights as the good group of shutterbug hipsters we are.

We're also planning a weekend road trip to Boston, a growing startup's scene with great potential and many interesting companies, including one of our favorite clients and the biggest name in mobile payments in the area; LevelUp.

Apart from some touristic visits we all want to do, we will use this opportunity to attend and host meetups, go to conferences, visit clients and talk to people about interesting new collaborations. So, if you happen to be in NY around August and September let us know! We will be thrilled to meet you, have a drink and give you a glimpse of how the Tryolabs' team works in our temporary Brooklyn headquarters!

See you guys in New York!

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