TryoSummerParty, 2017 edition

Mon, Dec 11, 2017

Alejandro Martínez
Alejandro Martínez

It's that time of the year again! Time for uncomfortable family meetings, TODO lists that will be quickly forgotten, crazy last minute holiday shopping and, of course, a new edition of the famous #TryoSummerParty.

tryogangAn as-incomplete-as-you-can-get photo of the TryoGang at this year's #TryoSummerParty.

If there's one thing at which we are almost as good as coding, it's definitely parties and celebrations. So, as we do every year, last weekend we all got together along with our significant others and kids (yes, we are growing up) to celebrate another amazing year at Tryolabs and also look back at all the great things we accomplished in 2017.

This was the 6th edition of the party (see some pictures of the last edition here) and broke the record in attendance: 60 people enjoyed 2 magical days at the east coast of Uruguay.

Las eduardasLas Eduardas Apart Hotel in La Paloma. One of the most beautiful cities in Uruguay.

The whole thing started on Friday, with a caravan-like exodus of the whole team from Montevideo to La Paloma. Once we arrived (no flat tires this year, luckily) we were warmly welcomed by the staff of Las Eduardas Apart Hotel. We were then all assigned to bedrooms in a (kind of) random way, so we could have the opportunity to know each other a little better and also as an innocent attempt at social experimentation.

Banner collageYou can get a printed version of these photos in a limited edition compilation we will be releasing next Christmas... Well, not really.

After a quick dinner and a good night of sleep it was time for some beach time and fun in the pool! We had the opportunity to test our abilities in many traditional water sports like pool volley and fancy diving.

Pool collageIt may come as a surprise but we are pretty nimble when not in front of a computer screen!

But we also decided to try our own twists on these activities (when do we not?) and that's how the Dino Water Volley was born! But hey, we promise no plastic dinosaur was hurt during the performance of this sporting activity.

Dino water volleyDino Water Volley - soon to be introduced into the Olympics at the 2020 event.

Finally, after a probably unhealthy amount of time under the sun, swimming, biking and chatting together, the night came and with it the main event. It was a semi-formal dress code night with a delicious and typical Uruguayan dinner -that means lots of red meat-, a film festival where we showed our own creations and a hearth-warming award ceremony where we honored ourselves for our quirkiest and most adorable characteristics.

From the best meme-material selfie face to an uncanny talent to keep one's footwear in a permanent spotless white, all of us got the opportunity to be congratulated for the things that make us unique and special. Maybe too special sometimes, but that's what makes Tryolabs such an amazing place, right?

Night collageA night to remember. And we don't say it just because of the super awkward karaoke performances...

In the end, as it happens every year, the TryoSummerParty '17 was a huge success. We had many surprises, ranging from unexpected greetings from our moms to unforeseen (and harmless) internal bullying in the form of catchy songs and shortfilms with oddly high production values.

But the most important thing is that we got the opportunity to celebrate together and enjoy the company of friends we have the privilege of working with every day, but in a way more relaxed environment.

It was a fantastic year for us and we hope it was the same for you! We are sure 2018 will be even better for everyone and we cannot wait to see what great things and new sports involving extinct creatures await us around the corner...

Happy new year from all of us at Tryolabs!

P.S.: Thanks a lot to our very own Felipe Osimani, designated photographer for this year's event. Quite a talent, huh?

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