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Tue, May 28, 2019

Esther Rietmann
Esther Rietmann

Our effort spent curating the list of machine learning conferences over the last two years has proven that there are an evermore increasing number of interesting machine learning conferences taking place around the world. While they all deserve mention and are worth attending, there are some conferences that we think are especially noteworthy given their great lineup of speakers and programs and that we’ve tagged Tryolabs' Picks.

One of our favorite conferences is Transform 2019, which takes place July 10-11 at the Union Square Hilton, in Downtown San Francisco. It features an exceptional lineup of speakers and focuses on the hottest trends in artificial intelligence (AI). Let's take a look at what you can expect from the conference!

What it's about

Transform 2019 is an AI event presented by Venture Beat for executives and business practitioners from innovative brands, leading service providers and disruptive emerging companies. It focuses on the strategic and practical applications of AI with case studies, panels, and workshops.

Content at the Transform will be cross-functional (marketing, growth, engineering, HR) and cross-vertical (retail, manufacturing, games, finance, health), focused on the following AI trends:

  • NLP/ Smart Speech. Text analytics, and specifically, speech-to-text technologies are key in a communication where consumers are using voice and text with non-humans to communicate with businesses. Focus areas: messaging, bots and smart assistants.

  • Computer vision. The opportunity to detect people in images and videos reveals huge potential for many industries. Whether it's search engines, offline retail companies interacting with shoppers in-stories, or smart fridges, computer vision is helping many companies serve their customers better.

  • Business AI Integration. Many companies are scrambling to adopt AI practices across their company. The more successful cases often start small, and then expand more broadly and more efficiently. Focus Areas: analytics, CRM and customer journey.

  • Implementing AI Across Your Organization. Some companies are introducing AI strategies across their companies, including objectives to become AI-first, where all developers are trained to exploit AI no matter where they sit. Focus Areas: data science deployment tools, co-wide learning strategies.

  • IoT and AI at the Edge. The proliferation of mobile phones and the Internet connection of most other devices and appliances (IoT) can often require running AI technologies on the "edge" to avoid the latency of the cloud created by the huge amounts of data being crunched.

  • Intelligent RPA and Automation. A new wave of tech tools is adding intelligence, or AI to robotic process automation (RPA), where learnings — and better yet — actual decisions, can be made

Notable speakers

There will be 120 speakers sharing their experience at the Transform 2019 in 48 sessions. Among others are the following speakers:

Vanja Josifovski

CTO, Homes at Airbnb.

Vanja leads efforts around developing the technical vision and direction across the Homes business. Vanja was most recently CTO at Pinterest, where he was responsible for setting the technical strategy of the company in areas like machine learning and search.

Picture of Vanja Josifovski.

Hilary Mason

General Manager for Machine Learning at Cloudera & Founder of Fast Forward Labs.

Hilary is the Founder of Fast Forward Labs, an applied machine learning research and advisory company that was acquired by Cloudera in 2017. Hilary is also the Data Scientist in Residence at Accel Partners and is on the board of the Anita Borg Institute.

Picture of Hilary Mason.

Greg Brockman

Co-founder and Chairman at OpenAI.

Greg was formerly the CTO of Stripe, which he helped build from 4 to 250 employees.

Picture of Greg Brockmans.

Franziska Bell

Head of Data Science Platforms at Uber.

Franziska founded the Anomaly Detection, Forecasting Platform and Natural Language Platform teams. In addition, she leads Computer Vision, Strategic Finance, Experimentation, Behavioral Science, Infrastructure and Customer Support Data Science.

Picture of Franziska Bell.

Kevin Scott

EVP & CTO Microsoft.

Kevin Scott’s 20-year career in technology spans both academia and industry as a researcher, engineer, and leader. Scott helps drive the technical vision that enables Microsoft to achieve its mission.

Picture of Kevin Scott.

Jen Gennai

Head of Responsible Innovation, Global Affairs at Google.

Jen established and leads the operations team and governance structure to ensure Google meets its AI Principles commitments in developing and deploying fair, inclusive and ethical advanced technologies.

Picture of Jen Gennai.

Check out the full agenda to learn more about the topics of the talks.

Women in AI Breakfast

As part of Transform 2019, VentureBeat will be hosting their first-ever Women in AI Breakfast — a meeting for women who have dedicated their careers to AI, machine learning, data science, & voice analytics. The future of AI means embedding ethics, diversity and inclusion in the heart of our organizations and their systems. The focus of this breakfast and the panel will be the growing role of women in AI, with a managing the future of AI with inclusivity and fairness top of mind. The breakfast is by invitation only and will feature the aforementioned panel as well as time for networking with other influential women in AI.

We at Tryolabs are honored to help VentureBeat facilitate this important conversation about how women will continue to impact the future of AI, and sincerely hope you can join us.

If you are a woman in AI that would like to join, please email Allison at events@venturebeat.com and request your VIP invitation.

The breakfast takes place July 10 from 7:30-8:45 am at the Hilton Union Square, SF.

Meet us there!

Tryolabs is very excited to be a part of Transform 2019. At our booth, we'll be demonstrating how we help companies keep up with AI and machine learning in order for them to gain a competitive advantage. Further details regarding the location of our booth will be published soon.

Do you happen to be going to Transform 2019 and are you wondering how you can use your data to drive better business results? Let us know, we'd love to speak with you over a cup of coffee. ☕️


Transform 2019 is a great opportunity for you to hear more inspiring yet practical stories about implementing AI technologies and the strategies used to maintain a competitive advantage in an AI-driven world. The conference’s focus on quality networking is a great bonus.

When: July 10-11, 2019

Where: Union Square Hilton, Downtown San Francisco

👉 Register: Be sure to register here to get $600 Tryolabs-discount on your ticket (40% from the regular ticket price), using the discount code TransformTL.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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