Winning the #AllianzGIHack in Hong Kong

Mon, Jul 29, 2019

Esther Rietmann
Esther Rietmann

How does a multinational financial services company drive innovation with artificial intelligence?

That was a question that Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), one of the leading active asset managers, was trying to answer when seeking for disruptive technologies to enhance its services.

As a solution they came up with the idea of hosting a 48-hour AI hackathon in Hong Kong, where startups from around the globe pitch AI projects that improve fund management.

With a long tradition of hosting hackathons at Tryolabs, we loved the idea and were thrilled when we heard that we had been invited to participate at the #AllianzGIHack, taking place from 9-11 July. The conditions:

  • 9 participating startups
  • 3 use cases presented by AllianzGI
  • 48 hours of coding
  • 3 winners (one for each use case)

That sounded very exciting and obviously, we immediately confirmed our participation! 🤗

Picture of the announcement of the start of the 48-hours AllianzGI Hackathon in Hong KongStart of the 48-hours AllianzGI Hackathon in Hong Kong.

Hacking AI algorithms for 48-hours

AllianzGI introduced us beforehand to their use case in the field of risk management, and we had time to evaluate who from our team would be the best fit to solve the problem.

Alan, Agustín and Facundo, a machine learning dream team, were ready to face the challenge and leverage their expertise to help AllianzGI build customized solutions with artificial intelligence.

The three partners in crime took off to Hong Kong where they arrived after a long ~40 hours journey and 11 hours of time shift from our home country Uruguay.

Fortunately, the hackathon-adrenaline was stronger than the lack of sleep, and they were ready to go all-in when the starting shot for the teams was given soon after their arrival in Hong Kong.

What followed were three days of laser-focused hacking, learning, iterating and having fun, while staying up (almost) all night.

And the winner is...

Alan, Agustín, and Facundo managed to finish the pitch presentation just in time and share their project with the jury, among eight other presentations from the other teams.

The excitement barometer was hitting a high when they were waiting for the hosts to decide on their favorite solution for each of the three use cases.

And finally, AllianzGI announced the three winners:

Picture of the announcement of the start of the 48-hours AllianzGI Hackathon in Hong KongAgustín, Facundo and Alan receiving their trophy.

We are still overwhelmed and very thankful for having had the opportunity to hack disruptive solutions for one of the most innovative asset managers in Asia.


A huge thank you to the amazing AllianzGI team for inviting us and giving us the honor to win their first AI hackathon in Asia!

What is more, as one of the winners, we'll now have the chance to contribute to AllianzGI’s AI platform and are looking forward to it a lot.

After a speed-sightseeing in Hong Kong, Alan, Agustín and Facundo arrived safe and sound in Uruguay with the trophy. 🙌

A big thank you to them for giving everything at the hackathon and making Tryolabs and Uruguay very proud!

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