Tryolabs 2.0: Announcing our new look

Wed, Oct 20, 2021

It's official! We are excited to announce our new Tryolabs' version of ourselves, a refreshed identity that captures our personality and reimagines it for the future. Yes! We keep moving forward, and we are never tired of trying out new things. 😉

The year 2021 brought fresh working dynamics that boosted our energy and design projections. This refreshed identity reflects a new brand and offering strategy for Tryolabs, focusing on our custom solutions and AI journey.

This is our spirit: bold and sophisticated.

Our team of advisors, strategists, and engineers focuses on making an impact by building and deploying AI-powered solutions. We provide critical expertise to transform businesses by building and deploying AI-powered solutions.

Based in Uruguay with additional offices in San Francisco and Luxembourg, we now have more than 60 team members working from different cities around the world. We strongly believe that a diverse team with a range of perspectives brings the best results, and different backgrounds lead us to the best solutions.

Design matters

After thorough research, discoveries, and trials, we conceived our design strategy based on dynamism, innovation, and motivation. We believe we have captured Tryolabs' essence and taken it to the next level, where we want to go and how we want it to look.

Working hand in hand with our Marketing & Design team and in collaboration with other main stakeholders, we kicked off this evolution of Tryolabs 2.0 But where should we start?

First impressions matter. That's why we started by trying out new design approaches with our website and blog. We experimented and defined what was and wasn't working out. From that point, we redesigned other main materials of Tryolabs' communication understanding the importance of showcasing who we are, where we stand, and where we are heading. This translated to making sure every detail was on point every step of the way.

We couldn't look back. We needed to embrace the change. So, we started by questioning our color palette, typographies, illustrations, icons, and even our whole morphology, to make the impact we wanted Tryolabs to achieve. New ideas started to pop out, and we must admit that we started to love everything that was happening.

Talking about our redesign

As you may appreciate, we made a chromatic upgrade to our logo. We needed to reflect on our new journey and personality without changing its morphology and structure that everyone recognizes at this point.

Therefore, adjusting the whole color palette was necessary to accompany the impact and dynamism we wanted to showcase in this new identity. This updated palette features vibrancy and innovation by defining two primary colors with great contrast. Six secondary colors were combined to make the perfect chromatic match, allowing us to create cool gradients and powerful highlights.

Color paletteColor palette: our new primary and secondary colors

Of course, these new colors meant that our icons and illustrations needed a refresh. So let us introduce you to our brand-new design elements. We love the way the stroked lines are combined with filled forms and figures!

We conceived them to work well in a design system, creating and defining components that will allow us to create different compositions.

Our new icon set is simple and minimalist. The design is based on capturing the essence of our new and improved identity, with its rounded forms and fresh color system for improved legibility and contrast in different backgrounds.

Characters and iconsCharacters and icons

Images made a strong appearance and are here to stay within our new morphology system. Making bold statements and creating a greater impact by showcasing our case studies were key points in our redesign due to the new approach of Tryolabs itself.

Warm pictures are now a key element in our identity, with vectors and illustrations smartly combined. This greatly impacts our social media and digital presence as a brand, allowing us to mix the best of both worlds. With illustrations and photography, we were able to stand out with our own way of portraying our team, case studies, and clients' results.

Tryolabs' web screensA glimpse to our new web, check it out!
Open guided lecture imageThis is how we roll: our brand new playful compositions

Last but not least, let's talk about type. This new approach took a lot of discussion because of typography's impact on us as designers. Type is a must, and it had to be appreciated in this design process.

We decided to maintain the Open Sans typography for text, but it was necessary to add new bold typography that reflected our fearless spirit. So, we incorporated Gibson, adding a perfect visual balance with the Open Sans. This fierce combination is incredible for creating playful and diverse compositions.

Typography setOur new typography set: Gibson and Open Sans

Final Thoughts

We must admit it was a great work and journey. We encountered huge challenges that made us stronger as a brand and produced results of which we are very proud. This redesign was a blast, allowing us to achieve a refreshed identity that is more than what we expected.

Throughout the redesign process, we found smarter paths and expanded our tool-set. Our major discovery, and one that's here to stay, is Figma.

With Figma, we discovered a collaborative design tool that allowed us to work side by side as a team, helping us designers create various documents and slides and engaging with the developer team to make our website happen.

We are continuously moving forward and staying up to date with the latest trends, so stay tuned for new digital and non-digital creations. You are more than invited to follow our social media (Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin) and blog to keep an eye on what we are up to.

Special thanks to all the team involved in the process! We would definitely love to hear your thoughts and opinions. ✨

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