A Guide to Video Analytics: Applications and Opportunities

Introduction In the past few years, video analytics, also known as video content analysis or intelligent video analytics, has attracted increasing interest from both industry and the academic world. Thanks to the enormous advances made in deep learning, video analytics has introduced the automation of tasks that were once the exclusive purview of humans. Recent improvements in video analytics have been a game-changer, ranging from applications that count people at events, to automatic license plate recognition, along with other more well-known scenarios such as facial recognition or smart parking.

An Introductory Guide to Computer Vision

Introduction The fantasy that a machine is capable of simulating the human visual system is old. We’ve come a long way since the first university papers appeared back in the 1960s, as evidenced by the advent of modern systems trivially integrated into mobile applications. Today, computer vision is one of the hottest subfields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, given its wide variety of applications and tremendous potential. Its goal: to replicate the powerful capacities of human vision.

The Guide to Machine Learning in Retail: Applications and Use Cases

Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are among the top technology trends in the retail world. They are having a great impact on the industry, in particular in e-commerce companies that rely on online sales, where the use of some kind of AI technology is very common nowadays. Big players and first-movers like eBay, Amazon or Alibaba have successfully integrated AI technologies across the entire sales cycle, from storage logistics to post-sale customer service.

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