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Everything started with the idea of building great products to the world.

Today we're 25+ people who share a very friendly & productive working environment. Take a look at our open roles below. Wanna join us?

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Job Openings

Data Scientist

Basically you need to be mad; the cool type of mad. Numbers, algorithms and arithmetics might be dominating your thoughts for long hours. You'll be awarded with tons of data and you'll be responsible of building amazing machine learning & natural language processing apps alongside with lots of R&D. Of course, there is always space to venture in deep learning algorithms too.

Technical perspective: Python, Numpy.

Personal perspective: Creative and data-oriented, comfortable analyzing complex high-volume data while creating and iterating on full stack prototypes and solutions, fluent English communications skills, love open source projects.

Awesome perspective: Scikit-learn, Elasticsearch, Keras/Tensorflow/Theano, Docker.


Frontend Developer

Your mission will be to create wonderful, elegant and functional code which will be later judged by thousands of users; no pressure, ha! However on the upside, you'll be receiving all the credit when our clients get super excited when they see their app and features live. Wow, this is awesome, tell me more!

Technical perspective: JS/MVC, HTML5, CSS, AngularJS, Github.

Personal perspective: Get along with backend developers, understand graphic designers, fluent English communication skills, love open source projects, have a set of favourite JS/HTML blogs, self motivated & passionate to learn new technologies.

Awesome perspective: React, Flux & Python.


Backend Developer

Since we were born as a hard core backend focused dev shop, your mission will be to make us feel very ashamed of our past works. Talking seriously, you will be interoperating with data stores, building scalable infrastructures, strong APIs and a diverse range of powerful apps to help businesses solve complex problems. We know it is challenging but we can assure it is super self-rewarding.

Technical perspective: Python, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, Github.

Personal perspective: Get along with front-end developers, tackle problems creatively, fluent English communication skills, love open source projects, self motivated & passionate to learn new technologies.

Awesome perspective: Amazon AWS, Elasticsearch, Docker.


What do we offer?

Sharing a cool and productive environment, having great fun while working hard.

  • Sea-side view HQ in Montevideo
  • Work for challenging projects to the world
  • Yoga lessons
  • English enhancement classes
  • A very friendly and worth meeting gang
  • Awesome coffee
  • Street fighter III Tournaments (in-house mame machine)
  • Hackathons, conferences, meetups & cool events w/beer

Let's work together

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