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Tryolabs Working Trip NYC, in pictures

Our commitment at Tryolabs is to create the best hi-tech company to be part of. We believe this is done by creating the best opportunities in terms of professional and personal growth for our team.

This year we decided to do our first “Tryolabs working trip”. We rented a house in Brooklyn for one month for our team to visit and work from there. Read more about it here.

The idea in a nutshell:

  • Have the opportunity to travel while working at one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world.
  • Be closer to our clients.
  • Practice - even more - English.
  • Visit Machine Learning / Deep Learning meetups.
  • Have a lot of fun.

We decided to organize this trip in two, two week batches where anyone could jump in, travel and work remotely. Tryolabs would pay for the rent and breakfast costs while each teammate would pay for the travel expenses.

Here’s a brief tale about our first experience… in pictures. Enjoy ;)

So, which would be Tryolabs destination for the Working Trip 2018? who knows… ideas accepted.

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