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Everything started...

... back in 2009 when Martín, Ernesto & Raúl - driven by the idea of crafting amazing products with AI components - bootstrapped Tryolabs: a high-tech, boutique dev shop.

Since then, we have partnered up with 90+ clients, usually from SV & NYC, employing mainly Python and JavaScript ecosystems.

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Where we are today

With a current team size of 49 people, at Tryolabs we excel at helping companies improve their KPIs by leveraging their own data utilizing Machine Learning algorithms. We combine Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing skills, ability to build forecasting models and full-stack development capabilities to craft solutions that can improve revenue streams and reduce operational costs.

We also try to engage and give back to the community as much as possible. Some of our efforts include: open-source projects, Machine Learning talks around the globe, meetups and our blog.

Offices & Contact

🇺🇸 44 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA, US
🇺🇾 Rambla Gandhi 655/701, Montevideo, Uruguay
☎️ (+598) 2716 8997

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you wondered, here you'll
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What is your main focus?
Our focus is on helping tech companies use data to improve business results through machine learning. We see ourselves as a tech partner to our customers. We are not just a team of developers; we think strategically and contribute to the process of defining business models, users, and markets.
You guys only do Machine Learning?
Not necessarily. Our goal is to help companies leverage their data to improve results and there are times where Machine Learning is not the best solution. For some clients, we just do ML & AI, while for others we engage in full-stack development where AI is a component (if needed at all). One example, for Lively, we mainly did backend and API development and added AI and Data Mining to complement the app.
Do you provide staff augmentation?
Yes, we do! In some cases clients come to us with a project that is ongoing and, in order to accomplish a specific goal, needs to augment team size or add a new set of skills. And, in the words of Mr. Liam Neeson: "What we do have are a very particular set of skills".
Agile collaboration really works? How?
It sure does! We have plenty of client testimonials describing great experiences working with us! If you want to know more about our work methodologies and how we make it happen, contact us!
What is agile?
Agile is the working methodology we prefer and the one we believe carries us to more valuable, higher quality results more quickly. We try to follow agile principles on all our projects, since we like our clients to be part of it and understand its benefits. Agile rules!
How do you charge for your amazing services?
We charge per two week sprint per engineer. Our administrative team makes payments really easy by setting up standard international wire transfers using US banks.

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