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Product Matching on DSS Virtual Salon

Last year, we were speakers at the DSS Virtual | Applying AI & Machine Learning to Retail and eCommerce. Now we are coming back with new insights for the retail industry. It looks like this will be an exciting event! The conference takes place next August 25th. We’re looking forward to meeting more innovative minds that are also thinking about applying data science in their work with retail companies or eCommerce stores.

Real Estate pricing with Machine Learning & non-traditional data sources

This blog post has been written with the collaboration of Guillermo Etchebarne. Real estate is the world’s largest asset class, worthing $277 trillion (that’s 277 followed by 12 zeros, in case you were wondering), three times the total value of all publicly traded companies. And Machine Learning applications have been accompanying its sector’s growth. The main technology trend disrupting real estate today is ML. The publication “Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2021” by PwC reached a similar conclusion: Artificial Intelligence is among the main industry disrupters.

Our takeaways from NVIDIA GTC 2021

NVIDIA GTC 2021 was packed with breakthroughs in AI, data center, graphics, accelerated computing, intelligent networking, and more. Every year, GTC congregates NVIDIA’s major announcements and points out the most relevant innovations for the primary industries. This time, we were part of the event as speakers, introducing MaskCam, a smart camera based around NVIDIAs Jetson Nano. We also participated in different sessions during the five-day conference. GTC serves different audiences.

Reinforcement Learning & pricing: a complicated love story

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a recurrent topic here at Tryolabs, either internally while designing solutions for our clients or working with them. Particularly when evaluating options for Price Optimization problems, we’ve considered and studied its feasibility many times, under different scenarios. I can identify at least two important reasons for that topic arising so often. First, this is an exciting field of AI, so we all want to learn more about it.

The 7 big myths about AI in traditional businesses

Usually, when I talk to decision-makers and executives in companies starting their AI journey, I hear some questions, misconceptions, and concerns shared by most of them. Many of these business owners are diving into the subject for the first time and ask us for advice on how to approach and “tame” these technologies that may seem too wild at a first glimpse. Based on those conversations, I came up with some quick tips to inform business owners and allow them to consider AI as a new, powerful tool in their toolset.

Releasing MaskCam: an open-source smart camera based around Jetson Nano

Last year, we built one of the first computer vision applications that could reliably perform face mask detection to gather statistics from real video feeds. Our article became very popular, and the work even made headlines in the international press. This year, we took things further. But we weren’t alone. We were approached by our friends at Berkeley Design Technology (BDTI), a fellow member of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance with whom we have worked on several occasions.

Using AI to connect every school with the internet

UNICEF has been expending great effort to map schools in developing countries. Part of the United Nations (UN), UNICEF provides humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. One of their goals is to facilitate children’s access to education. By combining high-resolution satellite imagery, UNICEF’s Office of Innovation created a model capable of recognizing schools . Distinctive features of schools as viewed from above allowed the model to distinguish them from other buildings.

Top Python libraries of 2020

Welcome to the sixth yearly edition of our Top Python Libraries list! The rules are simple. We are looking for libraries that satisfy the following conditions: They were launched or popularized in 2020. They are well maintained and have been since their launch data. They are outright cool, and you should check them out. Disclaimer: this year, our picks are heavily influenced by machine learning / data science libraries, although some can indeed be very useful for non-data science people.

Data Science Virtual Salon: Retail & E-Commerce

We have been curating our list of machine learning conferences for several years now. Even in this particular year, the number of events kept growing, but with a little twist: online events seem to be the safest way to gather people and keep the networking and knowledge flowing around the community while maintaining social distancing. Over time, we have been highlighting those events we believe are especially relevant for our audience.

AI for finance: where are the opportunities for financial services

AI for finance opportunities by Ernesto Rodríguez. AI is impacting many industries, with new breakouts and interesting cases, from disease detection in healthcare to style transfer in digital art. It seems AI has something to offer for everyone. In this article we want to talk about how AI is used in financial services and explore use cases related to this industry. AI is not new there, it is already being used by innovative companies in the sector as a competitive advantage, and the big players are realizing this and starting to adopt it more and more.

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