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Announcing our new website & blog

As Tryolabs keeps moving forward, new great clients and a continuously growing team, we decided it was time to bring a new version of our website to life. Check it out! Although we loved the older one (here is why), we made the decision to switch to a new design that can reflect what we currently are, scale with the company’s evolution and bring major importance to the blog (our major traffic source).

Elasticsearch Meetup: Elastic + Tryolabs. V2.

May 19th came by and the second edition of the Elasticsearch Meetup took place, under Tryolabs Engineering Events series and co-organized with Elastic. Since this event was intended to host a larger audience than the first edition, we decided to move it from Tryolabs’ offices to – the brand new – Sinergia Tech. With around 70 attendees, a wide variety of beers and delicious sandwiches, the community gathered together in order to enhance their knowledge upon Elasticsearch and the overall Elastic Stack.

Open Doors #1: the kickoff of future events

Hey! It’s me here again. Last wednesday we hosted our first Open Doors at our Montevideo offices. It was really great! We met very cool people and chatted about technology, coding & random stuff while delighting ourselves with cold beers and pizza! This event set the kickoff of a series of Engineering Events we will be hosting from now on. Stay tuned at our meetup group ;) Back to yesterday, the agenda was very dynamic with 10-15 minutes talks from different perspectives.

Open Source DayWatch - The story behind

It’s been quite a journey with DayWatch. Since 2012 we’ve been working for it as our wonder child and now it is time to let it fly even higher. Here is the story: Birth It all started with the niche idea to help Daily Deals companies (very trendy in 2012) analyze their main metrics at any time, any moment. Industry reports, insights, market share & product performance were the most powerful aspects of our beloved tool.

Swift talk in MobileUY event

Continuing with the Meetups’ spirit, last 20th of August, our Mobile Guru - Bruno Berisso - exposed in the first 2015 MobileUY event. More than 50 attendants carefully draw their attention on the - meticulously designed - slides which depicted a clear scene on what is going on with Swift. Bruno interacted with a Playground in order to engage the audience and be even clearer about the concepts explained. We also encourage you to check out this playground and get to understand the concepts in a better way.

Elasticsearch Meetup: Elastic - Tryolabs

As a celebration of our brand new partnership with Elastic, yesterday took place an Elasticsearch Meetup sponsored by Elastic, at our offices, with 50+ assistants. Apart from being a great excuse to meet with colleagues and get some snacks - grapefruit beers and chicken sandwiches weren’t absent - Agustín (Tryolabs), Javier (Tryolabs) and Gabriel (Elastic) presented deep Elasticsearch concepts such as sharding, aggregations and ELK stack. We are very happy to keep contributing to the Big Data &DataScience local community and seek forward to develop projects with elasticsearch technologies, together with Elastic.

Tryolabs! Now in your iPad!

We know that you can’t sleep wondering when this was going to happen. And it’s finally here. Your favourite Mobile Showcase App is now available for iPad. Now you all can check all how some of our most useful components behave in iPad and iPhone at the same time. They are all universal so the codebase is the same for both devices. Get it from the Apple App Store and please let us know what you think!

Tryolabs partners with Elastic

Today we are proudly announcing our partnership with Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, the ELK platform and an ever growing family of products! We have been using Elasticsearch in a bunch of projects now and this new partnership will allows us to provide our customers with a bigger and better array of Elastic-related services. We are very invested in the Elastic community, organizing local Elasticsearch meetups, webinars and sponsoring conferences, so this is a great new step in that direction.

Tryolabs Mobile Showcase! Going full mobile!

We are glad to introduce a cool new app in the iOS App Store: Tryolabs Mobile Showcase. This small yet powerful application shows some super interesting open source components that we have built in order to bootstrap some typical tasks for iPhone and iPad development. You can see these components in action, navigate their descriptions, see source code or even share them with your contacts. Also you can navigate through some information about Tryolabs, what we do and you how to contact us directly without leaving the app.

Our Elastic{ON} Experience

Tryolabs has had once again the privilege of sponsoring and attending one major tech related conferences. This time with our friends from Elastic! Said conference was called Elastic{ON} and was being held from March 9 to 11th, at Pier 27 in San Francisco. Alan and I were there representing the Tryolabs team. Elastic{ON} started with a super cool cocktail where we got to meet the creators of the tools in the ELK stack, as well as people using them.

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