Hackathon #1 - Welcome to the Jungle

It’s been a month since I saw our COO acting crazy, running from one side to the other, receiving “orders”, doing a bit of bullying, writing code with one hand and shooting short films with the other, while eating pizza and drinking juice. A hackathon brings into the table this kind of new pictures; instances where we switch roles, break the inertia and challenge our routine. Not every day we have the chance to develop side by side with our CEO, CTO, COO; code whatever (and however) we want and share other interests for 48 hours.

Market while developing 101: ideas & tools for the early days

It is usually useful to try to see the whole picture. In the field of Internet startups thinking about development without planning market fit, might not be a great idea. Let’s put it this way: you have an amazing idea and gathered enough capital to make it work; sure, go lean and start to build it step by step. Either if you start developing with your own team or do staff augmentation, it is important to envision and start executing a marketing plan as soon as possible.

Non-coding tips a coder should know (w/memes!)

If you are anything like us, coding is what you love the most. But you also know there are many different aspects to be aware of beside coding that are important parts of a healthy development process. When you work as a developer you usually face clients or stakeholders that expect results and part of your job is managing their expectations. This is as important as delivering high quality code.

Request your invite for MonkeyLearn, the next generation Text Mining Toolkit

Are you a developerworking with sentiment analysis, language detection or any kind of text classification? Looking for a text mining toolkit that will help you get better results, top accuracy and best speed performance? Are you a machine learning or natural language processing enthusiast? If some of your answers to these questions were yes, you should check out MonkeyLearn, a new product we have been working really hard the last few months.

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